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Testimonials - Lifted Lifestyle Studio

Here's a look at some of our clients, celebrating their awesome achievements. And below, you will find some of our client testimonials regarding their experience at Lifted Lifestyle Studio.

Douglas B.

"My name is Doug DeSantis, let me tell you my remarkable experience with Lifted Lifestyle Studio.

I started out at 235 lbs back in 2016 in April, I said “In 90 days, I want to change my body, eating, Confidence and mentally change the way my mind operates when it comes to eating and fitness.

There was no hesitation, he planned out a diet & exercise plan within 48 hours. I took the diet plan and made it my own, and followed the exercise plan for the first 30 days.

My body and mind were changing, and every month Mr. Locke changed my diet and exercise plan.

By the 90th day, I had a 6 pack abs, I was under my goal weight, and everything I wanted to change did. I took the 90 day transformation picture. I was so shocked, I hadn’t seen the change until the final day.

I hugged him, and thanked him, and we have been personal friends ever since. I’ve gained weight since then, but I’m back to losing it, and the best part is because of Lifted Lifestyle Studio & Devon Locke’s training and guidance I know I am capable of being exactly where I was before. I am forever greatful!

If you want to change your overall health and fitness, go see Devon Locke at Lifted Lifestyle Studio. You too can accomplish your goals.

Thank you again Devon Locke!"

Alan M.

" I’ve been with Lifted Lifestyle Studio for a little over a year now and working with Devon has changed my life. I’m type 1 diabetic and Devon has tailored a training and nutrition schedule for me that has brought my A1c down to under 6.0. The workouts are great and it’s wonderful to feel healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend Lifted Lifestyle to anyone that wants to turn their lives around and make the most out of a private tailored one on one environment."

Laurant  L.

" Im Working with Devon for already a year and he is a great coach, I improve a lot of my stamina and strength thanks his knowledge. His gym studio have everything I need to get in shape. His Private lesson are very personalized to my needs and I recommend to everyone who want get a better understanding of his or her body. He also teach me Tennis and my skills improve a lot in 6 months. "

Alex R.

"Devon is by far the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever had. Not only does he have a vast array of work out techniques that are unique and tailored to me, he also focuses heavily on nutrition. Thanks to the diet and nutritional plan he has developed for me, my results and strength have far surpassed my initial expectations. Definitely an inspiration! Forever thankful for him turning my physique and mind around! Highly recommended!!!!"

Jianlan S.

The best!! Have been working with Devon for almost a year now, before and during my pregnancy. He is very professional and very carefully designs each session for your need. Both me and my husband enjoy training with him and having him as a friend!