Saturday WOD

Hey guys! It’s Saturday and that means we are all ready to enjoy the weekend and this beautiful south Florida weather! But first things first - Being beach body ready is the first step! So let’s get this power workout in and we can all sleep a little bit better knowing we started the weekend with a 1-2 knockout punch!

Saturday Workout:

Warm Up:

Stretching for 5 minutes

Ride the stationary bike for 2 minutes to get the blood flowing. (If you don't have a bike - jog in place for two minutes)

Set 1: x 5

10 DB Squat/Curl/Press

10/10 Medicine ball held overhead - bring to left knee then return med ball over head - alternate legs in a fast pace

10 Pull ups

10/10 1 arm touchdowns ( sumo squat - touch the floor with one hand- jump up fast - repeat with the other hand

Set 2: x 1

10 minutes continuously. One minute of the bicycle crunches alternating with one minute of Barbell Clean and Press.

Set 3: x 5

25 Jumping Jack

15 DB Squat Thrusters

20 Jump Lunges

10/10 1 Arm Snatch

Hope you break a sweat and feel the burn!

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